Until a few weeks ago, I had used nothing but Windows for my whole life. My dissatisfaction had been steadily growing for years, but I finally made the switch to Linux in mid-May, and have been growing a library of good software since then. This page is for anyone like me who always resented Windows, but needed a push to get going.

Distributions I like

I currently use Arch Linux because of its incredibly good wiki, its versatile package management, and its lightweight but not inscrutable initial install. It is not as impenetrable as it has a reputation for being, as long as you are reasonably technically-minded and willing to follow a tutorial to the letter.

However, initially, I used Linux Mint for a few days. The transition to Mint from Windows was so seamless that I was sort of shocked. I would highly recommend Mint, or something like it, to a fresh Linux convert who wants minimal fuss or adjustment period.

Some distributions I want to try on my aging laptop include:

Software I like

This includes productivity apps, desktop environments, window managers, whatever.